Camera equipment


The following clauses regulating the mutual responsibility between both parties constitute a sine qua non of the contract, without which CAMERA EQUIPMENT RENTAL SL (NIF B-42776773) would not consent to be bound:

1. The rented material and its accessories

The rented material and its accessories that are the subject of this contract are the exclusive property of CAMERA EQUIPMENT RENTAL SL.

2. Equipment operation

CAMERA EQUIPMENT RENTAL SL will not provide the lessee any information or training on the operation of the equipment.

3. Delivery and return of equipment

The lessor delivers to the lessee the contracted equipment in perfect condition and inventory; likewise, the lessee agrees to return it in perfect condition on the agreed upon return date and time.

4. Defects in the return of the material

In those cases in which they are not included in the insurance, the lessee will be obliged to pay in full the amount of the same new material, according to market prices within 15 calendar days after the agreed return date.

5. Return of material on time

Delays in the return of rented material that have not been accepted in writing by CAMERA EQUIPMENT RENTAL SL, must be paid at the rate of "1 day" for every 24 hours of delay, to which no type of discount will be applicable and which are reflected on the website:

In those cases where the delay is greater than 72 hours, CAMERA EQUIPMENT RENTAL SL In addition to requiring payment of the daily rate stated above, it will immediately proceed to take the appropriate legal action.

6. Breakdown within the rental period

CAMERA EQUIPMENT RENTAL SL does not assume any responsibility for replacing the equipment resulting from its misuse. If the right of substitution is recognized, this will be subject to the availability of the leasing company.

7. Modifications to the equipment

The lessee client may not modify, dismantle or repair the rental equipment or sell, pawn or dispose of the equipment or its accessories, under warning of the responsibilities inherent to such actions.

8. Responsibility for damage caused to the equipment

Any damage caused to the equipment resulting from its misuse will be the exclusive responsibility of the renter client.

9. Civil liability for damages caused to third parties

The renter is entirely responsible for any damage caused by misuse. CAMERA EQUIPMENT RENTAL SL declines all responsibility in cases where the rented material could cause an accident.

10. Leaving the rented material out of the country

The lessee on the date of subscription or at any subsequent time must notify the departure of the equipment abroad within the lease period. The arrangements relating to this departure will be entirely the responsibility of the lessee.

11. Responsibility derived from the LOPD

The liability derived from the actions that may be carried out under the protection of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, as a result of the recordings obtained or the loss of information will not, in any case, be of CAMERA EQUIPMENT RENTAL SL. The tenant client will be responsible for any actions brought in such concepts.

12. Express submission to the Courts of Barcelona

Compliance or interpretation of the conditions herein, in case of discrepancy, will be the jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona, thus expressly waiving the jurisdiction that may correspond to the tenant client.


Rented equipment is covered during trips made between any two points in Europe, as well as during stays, stays in Albania, Azabaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Chechen Republic, Serbia and Montenegro, Shidda Khartli (South Ossetia), Russia Tajikistan and Turkey.

Likewise, previous stays, assembly and filming and/or stays after said transports and while they are being operated are guaranteed. However, case by case the coverage expansion for any of the countries mentioned. All trips made by land and/or sea and/or river and/or lake routes and/or combinations of any of these means, whether conventional or not, are guaranteed.

The rented audiovisual material is insured against any risk of loss, damage and/or expense, as a result of accidents of the carrier vehicle. Furthermore, it is planned theft, fire, breakage, water damage, etc., having even been expressly expanded to guarantee lens breakage.

As an application and/or clarification, it is established that the risk of theft of the insured interest will be guaranteed during short-term parking of vehicles on public roads, as long as the insured objects were not exposed to view from the outside and the access to the vehicle had been duly closed, accessing the interior of these by breaking doors , locks and/or windows.

Likewise, when insured equipment spends the night on board vehicles in parking lots, garages or other closed places, they must be properly supervised. If an event of this nature occurs, it must be immediately brought to the attention of the Police station closest to the place where the incident occurred.

It is expressly stated that breakdowns or damages due to the use, incompetence, negligence, electrical and magnetic damage, scuffs and/or scratches, software damage, latent defects, theft, fraud, misappropriation and damage due to biological and/or chemical contamination, the tenant customer being the one who must assume the costs of repair or replacement with new material, always within 15 days from the agreed date for the return.

This insurance has a deductible borne by the lessee client of 150 €.